Which coaching duration is best for my goal?

For most of my coaching clients, I aim to have them lose around 0.8-1.0 lbs per week. Depending on your own weight loss goal, you can estimate how many weeks would work best for you! If you're still unsure, email me using the CONTACT ME link in the menu bar!

Can you make me a meal plan?

Yes! After purchasing a coaching package, you can choose the option to get a customized meal plan instead of macro targets. I'll make it around your individual food preferences - including meals per day, favorite foods and any restrictions.

Can you make me an at-home workout plan?

Yes! After purchase, fill out the client survey and let me know what kind of training plan would work best for you. Please let me know what equipment you have!

Are the check-ins via Skype?

All check-ins are done via email!

Do I have to check-in every week?

You don't have to check-in every week, but if I don't recieve an email from you within a few days of your check-in day each week, I will count it as missed and you will essentially lose that check-in. Some clients like to check-in every other week, or only like to check-in when they have a question or something significant happened with their progress. So it's totally up to you! That being said, checking in with me regularly is best for your progress as it will allow me to guide you and make adjustments to your plan when needed.

Should I get a one-time plan or a coaching plan?

That depends on what kind of help you need to reach your goals. If you're new to fitness and weight loss, you would likely benefit from coaching. That way, I will be available to you each week to answer any questions you may have, motivate you, and ensure you're doing everything right to reach your goals. If you're confident that you can adhere to a plan without having weekly check-ins with me, you should consider a one-time custom plan.

What if I don't like my plan?

If you purchased a one-time plan and you would like something changed, I'd be happy to adjust your plan for you. If you're a coaching client, I can adjust your training and nutrition plan as many times as you like throughout the duration of the coaching package!


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